Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Forest Restaurant @ Selfridges

Over the weekend I met up with two of my favourite girlies for a life catch up and holiday planning session. We decided to go check out the rooftop restaurant at Selfridges, which changes twice a year. I believe it used to be the 'Chalet on the roof' - very fitting for the decor.

As you come out of the special express lift (situated near just beside the perfume section, or to the left of the main entrance), you are greeted by a wall of woodwork and fairy lights. Pretty magical stuff!
We were running a bit late, so we decided to leave the photoshoot until later :D

After walking through a corridor of more trees and fairy lights, we were shown to our seats by our host. The dining area is surprisingly long and narrow, fitting 3 only square tables across. The chairs had blankets draped over them in case you got chilly and there were outdoor heaters along one wall. It did almost feel like you were eating outside.

I ordered an unphotogenic fish and chips, which were nice enough, but nothing to write home about.
The dessert however was the highlight of the meal. We ordered the 'chocolate forest' and our waiter listed off every single detail about what it included, right down to the meringue mushroom! I have a soft spot for honeycomb (Crunchie bars anyone?) and it tasted just as good as it looks - would definitely recommend you give it a try.

After we complained - a lot - about our choice of clothing (skinny jeans are such a rookie mistake), we eventually left to go back to the entrance hall for our photoshoot... Obviously. #socialmediagameonpoint
Obligatory photo by the sign
S's mini review: Wild Highland Roe deer fillet, kale, elderberry sauce (medium rare) - Cooked really well, was glad I got a side of sweet potato tartiflettes as it gave a more varied taste otherwise I may have found the dish boring after a few bites. Dessert was lovely, not heavy.
P's mini review: Roast Banham chicken, truffle green beans, New Forest mushrooms with truffled chips on the side - Meal was delicious, truffle overload! Highlight was definitely the dessert though

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lumiere London 2016

Over the weekend my family and I went out to see the Lumiere festival that was on display across Regent Street, Leicester Square and other popular streets.

I had seen the photos pop up all over my social media, but in person it was even more beautiful. The botanical garden in Leicester square was probably my favourite because of the larger than life scale displays and being able to wander among the art.

It was also lovely to take the time to wonder around London, we did get lost once (totally my fault..!) but we did find ourselves on Mount Street. A street I haven't been to in years - back when I was obsessed with Balenciaga I remember going there to pick my favourite City bag. There is a water feature on the corner of Mount Street, if you are ever in the area be sure to check it out, it always makes me feel so serene.

I would definitely recommend you to visit the Lumiere festival if it is going on near you - I hope it will be back next year!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Dear 2015

Oh boy, you were a life changing one...

On paper, I achieved so much in my profession, traveled to new destinations and strengthened the relationship with my closest circle of friends.

My 10 highlights that shaped 2015 are:

  1. Visiting New York after talking and planning for 3 years with my bestie
  2. Attending my closest university friend's wedding in Pakistan
  3. Watching Matilda the Musical - so much nostalgia
  4. Taking on tons more responsibility at work whilst my supervisor went on maternity leave
  5. Celebrating my grandmothers 85th birthday with her and all my mothers side of the family in Hong Kong
  6. Attending my first ever wedding as an adult
  7. Road trip from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in an old school Mini Cooper with no dampeners
  8. My little cousin coming over to the UK to study at University and spending more time together in the past 3 months than we have in 13 years
  9. Getting some winter sun in Spain with my family and boyfriend
  10. Passing my final professional exams!

But underneath it all, due to a badly timed case of norovirus right at the start of the year, I spent the rest of the year battling my own thoughts and anxiety on an almost daily basis. I hated leaving the house because I would be tense throughout the 50 minute journey to work, meaning I was late 75% of the time for about 3 weeks. Some days it would just be by a few minutes, other days it would be 15. This caused me even more stress as I felt like I was being tardy, a bad employee and colleague. Thankfully my workplace was very understanding and offered me more flexible hours to ease my morning stress.
My social life also took a hit, I was skeptical about all food, only sticking to foods I had deemed 'safe' - mainly chips, cereal bars and crackers! - and became an avid hand washer with a back up stock of antibacterial wipes. I turned down social dinners, birthday drinks and even holidays because of it.
Now, in January 2016, I am better at rationalising my thoughts and use tools such as breathing exercises and phone apps to help me through those episodes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings. Hopefully, it is going to be a year filled with change. The past 3 years have been focused on my professional development and now that my exams are done, I can now focus on developing my personal life.

This blog will see a different focus too, less outfit photos as I no longer have that same drive and inspiration to dress up and wear the latest trends. It will be a collection of thoughts, things I get up to, things that inspire me, or just things that make me say 'That's pwetty'... :)

I hope you'll stick around, until next time!
Isabel x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Birthday celebrations at Madison's St Pauls

On Friday, I went to Madison's, a rooftop restaurant and bar with stunning views over St Paul's Cathedral and the blue lights of the London Eye in the distance. It was a girly night with cocktails, giggles and good food. 

The food was delicious - and more importantly - very instagramable ;) the atmosphere had an excitable 'TGIF/bring on the weekend' vibe and our waiter had us in fits of giggles after naming us after the Charmed characters and explaining with a flourish what our special powers were - so appropriate for Halloween!

For the dinner, I wore a burgundy crossover chiffon top from River Island, my old (read: food baby accommodating) black pleather trousers from H&M and chunky black boots.

P.S. I wasn't planning on blogging about the night so there aren't that many photos for me to choose from that didn't involve my friends (not sure if they want to be on here!)

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pisa photo diary

Back in September, le boyf and I took a 10 day trip to Italy that we had been planning for months. Our first stop was Pisa where we landed on the Friday night and spent just over 12 hours. Luckily, our hotel was right on the doorstep of the Piazza. For this trip we packed light as we weren't staying put in one location, so this Zara playsuit I picked up last year was perfect for the occasion. Of the four main buildings (the Tower, Cathedral, Baptistery and Composanto), the Composanto was definitely my favourite and the most underrated. It has a small entrance fee, but I would recommend it to anyone who is visiting Pisa.  

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