Monday, 11 January 2016

Dear 2015

Oh boy, you were a life changing one...

On paper, I achieved so much in my profession, traveled to new destinations and strengthened the relationship with my closest circle of friends.

My 10 highlights that shaped 2015 are:

  1. Visiting New York after talking and planning for 3 years with my bestie
  2. Attending my closest university friend's wedding in Pakistan
  3. Watching Matilda the Musical - so much nostalgia
  4. Taking on tons more responsibility at work whilst my supervisor went on maternity leave
  5. Celebrating my grandmothers 85th birthday with her and all my mothers side of the family in Hong Kong
  6. Attending my first ever wedding as an adult
  7. Road trip from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in an old school Mini Cooper with no dampeners
  8. My little cousin coming over to the UK to study at University and spending more time together in the past 3 months than we have in 13 years
  9. Getting some winter sun in Spain with my family and boyfriend
  10. Passing my final professional exams!

But underneath it all, due to a badly timed case of norovirus right at the start of the year, I spent the rest of the year battling my own thoughts and anxiety on an almost daily basis. I hated leaving the house because I would be tense throughout the 50 minute journey to work, meaning I was late 75% of the time for about 3 weeks. Some days it would just be by a few minutes, other days it would be 15. This caused me even more stress as I felt like I was being tardy, a bad employee and colleague. Thankfully my workplace was very understanding and offered me more flexible hours to ease my morning stress.
My social life also took a hit, I was skeptical about all food, only sticking to foods I had deemed 'safe' - mainly chips, cereal bars and crackers! - and became an avid hand washer with a back up stock of antibacterial wipes. I turned down social dinners, birthday drinks and even holidays because of it.
Now, in January 2016, I am better at rationalising my thoughts and use tools such as breathing exercises and phone apps to help me through those episodes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings. Hopefully, it is going to be a year filled with change. The past 3 years have been focused on my professional development and now that my exams are done, I can now focus on developing my personal life.

This blog will see a different focus too, less outfit photos as I no longer have that same drive and inspiration to dress up and wear the latest trends. It will be a collection of thoughts, things I get up to, things that inspire me, or just things that make me say 'That's pwetty'... :)

I hope you'll stick around, until next time!
Isabel x


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