Thursday, 7 November 2013

Windy Return

As I was editting this look, I realised I'm pretty much wearing exactly the same outfit as my last post - but with a jumper and change of bag! 
But that was almost a month ago and hey! This is real life! I'm not a blogger who has an endless array of clothes I can show y'all... In fact, that is one of the reasons MM has been a little quiet lately. I have now been working a little over a year and since the start of September, I have been attending evening and Saturday classes for my professional exams where I stick to a skinny jeans and loose top combo to keep comfy. Therefore leaving me with not many days to wear my 'own clothes'. 

Now, I'm a numbers gal, and for me, wearing non-formal clothes only 8 times a month compared to 30 days a month when I was a student means my cost per wear of each item is harder to bring down and so, it makes it harder for me to justify buying that new jumper from Zara or those patterned jeans from Topshop...

My new POA is to:
1. SAVE by only buying key pieces that I really love rather than just blindly following the latest trends or because 'it would look good on the blog' (or am I the only one who has fallen victim to that excuse?!) If I want to dabble with trends, shops like Primark and H&M are good for trialling different styles without lightening the purse too much.
2. SPLURGE on those items that I will wear time and time again and that have been on my wishlist for some time as those have had the most thought and commitment put into it. I'm not saying I will have the holy grail French wardrobe, but working with that in mind gives me brownie points right?
3. SAVE for those grown up things in life, like a house and travelling the world. Right now on the top of my list are New York in 2015 for the ultimate girly trip filled with sightseeing and shopping and Malta to satisfy my craving for snorkelling I've had since I visited Dubrovnik 2 years ago.

My days of excessively 'helping the economy' may be a thing of the past but skincare, homeware and interior decor are things that are very likely to be cropping up on MM as my interests and spending patterns shift ;) 
Don't worry though, fashion will always be my main squeeze!

Thank you for all your kind comments and I hope you will stick by me for the journey! 

Love, Isabel x


  1. It looks great with the jumper over the shirt. Love your shoes too! x


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Isabel xx

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