Wednesday, 8 May 2013

#WishWearWednesday - Isabel Marant Carroll Sandals - High StreetInspired version

All eyes were on Isabel Marant at the SS13 show, with the success of her wedge sneakers; bloggers, editors and buyers alike were all on the edge of their seat to see what IM was bringing to the table next - and boy did she deliver!
The looks that came down the runway were western and bohemian inspired - a continuation of her previous fall collection. For me, shoes are always a focal point, and she sent her models down the runway with 5 inch versions of the shoes above... 

Now, I knew they would be snapped up by many, and I have already seen them on some of the biggest names in the blogging world, but with their hefty pricetag, they weren't a realistic investment for me, because lets be honest, summertime flies in the UK and these are definitely seasonal shoes...
So I'm on the hunt for a more purse friendly pair and have come across the ones above from Kurt Geiger which I may even prefer for my petite frame as the ankle straps do not cut off the leg as high up, and the heel is a little lower and more practical for everyday stomping.
Oh, and they are just over an eighth of the price... Just saying ;)


  1. this on right are perfect for me :)

  2. Wow...I just love the sandals of right! ^^

  3. Thanks for your comments !

    Very good you found such a pretty alternative
    fashion in belgium

  4. Dear Maggie,
    I'm a shoe addict and shoe blogger and I totally agree with you! IM Carroll sandals are really hip, but really pricey too... :-( I'm looking also for an alternative, but I couldn't find it yet... I'd like something with the same boho attitude still really feminine... have you found anything else apart from the Kurt Geiger onSpies?
    thank you!
    Spikey V.

  5. Love isabel marant sandals! Need to get myself a pair of those!


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Isabel xx

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