Wednesday, 5 December 2012

#WishWearWednesday - FirstWorldProblems

Bershka Jackets: Left .:. Right

Day 25 of my Spending Ban. 
After going a little crazy last month with Zara, Topshop and ASOS buys, I decided to put myself on a 30 day spending ban. 
I have been really good so far and kept to it but I have plans to have a belated joint birthday meal with two of my closest friends (who are November babies) and all our friends this weekend.
This means dressing up with lots of pictures and wanting to wear the perfect outfit... Does anyone else get the "I don't want to wear the same thing as I did to X event because it's already on Facebook?!" I hope I'm not the only one!
I'm already imagining the jacket on the left with a simple top, my trusty Topshop skinnies and a statement necklace!
What would you do? 
1. Stick to the ban until the end and buy it as a treat (and prove you're not a shopaholic!)
2. Buy the jacket... a 29 day shopping ban sounds just as impressive right?!

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  1. The jacket on the right is very cool!
    If you want, let's follow each other on Bloglovin. Let me know when you followed me and I will follow right back ;)
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