Sunday, 4 March 2012

The World of Illusions

As an early birthday present to Auggie, we went to see Hans Klok perform in 'The Houdini Experience'. 
Before the show, we ate at a Belgium restaurant to relive our wonderful trip to Brussels (part 2), Antwerp and Bruges last September. We both went for the traditional dish of mussels and frites! 
The show was absolutely spectacular, so many glamorous assistants or 'Diva's of Magic' as they were called appearing and disappearing leaving us in awe and amazement. In between the illusions and dancing, there were 4 performances and I have linked some videos below - too amazing not to share! 
The show ended with a bang - literally! There were streamers coming down from the ceiling and a standing ovation from the audience.

Ooh, also, do you like my nails? I was inspired by a lot of streetstyle pictures and thought it looked fun! For my nails, I just started with the darkest shade and poured it onto some card, applied to one nail, added some white nail varnish, mixed and painted another nail, added a little bit more white and repeat!
Easy right?!

Jacket: HK Boutique
Top: Dorothy Perkins (similar here)
Collar Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Bangle: H&M


  1. How sweet pictures! I really like your shirt, collar is beautiful.

    Big hugs from Finland,

    - Alice

  2. Hi Isabel!

    thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment :D

    I love your nails colors! the new NYC trend!



  3. I love your nails - and the mussels look delicious :)

  4. Great pics!!! thanks for your comment!!!


  5. Nice pics!You two look great together!

  6. Really adorable photos, super cute! Hope you've both had a fantastic weekend! x

  7. Oh, mussels! The food made me hungry, huh!
    You both look cute together.. nice photos, darling!

  8. haha nope I can't stop wearing the ambushes ;) they;'re so comfortable. I spent years searching for a cute and comfortable pair of ankle boots in black, now that I found these, they are a definite "go to" I love them. My next challenge will be integrating them into my summer wardrobe... let's see. ;)

    Thanks for the comment ! xX

  9. Yuo look gorgeous. I love the shirt. The mussels looks good!

  10. nice blog! I've just find it! following now!


  11. Parabéns pelo blog... e pelas fotos ;)

    beijo com carinho do Brasil

  12. sweet!


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Isabel xx

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