Friday, 2 March 2012

Style Crush: Nicole Richie in Ocean Drive

It's just gone 3am over here and I've finally finished preparing for my big presentation tomorrow morning at 10.30am!
Before going to bed and catching what few hours of beauty sleep I can, I just HAD to share this picture of Nicole Richie for OceanDrive. 
The lace jacket + heelless shoes really are the stars of the show. Love how the styling has been kept minimalistic accessories, updo and monochrome interiors. #Maj!

Goodnight my lovelies :) x


  1. i love nicole richie! she looks gorgeous here!

  2. Love nicole in this pic! The white cardigan is fabulous!!
    Your blog is excellent. BRAViSSIMA


    Xxx sara and Giorgia. (your italian fans)

  3. Thanks for the comment babe :)
    She looks perfect !

    Fi *

  4. Lovely blog!

  5. Those shoes are LUSH <3

    The Fashion Skeleton!

    Pleas follow & I'll follow back =)

  6. I hope the presentation went well! I love Nicole richie! She is beautiful and has great style herself. I adore those shoes and her minimalistic hair! Hanks for sharing.


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Isabel xx

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