Friday, 26 August 2011

Never let you go

On a lovely evening like this...
Something made me giggly and smiley like this...
And its all thanks to these GORGEOUS babies, the Topshop Ambush boots, the best Pistol 'inspired' shoes available here in London. 
I never managed to get them the first time round as they were all sold out online :(
I had been calling the oxford street branch and Selfridges branch every other day to try and get a hold of them when they got a new shipment but no luck :'(
I went in to the Oxford Street one today just to browse when I spotted another girl trying these on... Then started the mad hunt-but look cool- search for them!
I'm pretty sure that trying them on was only a formality to make sure they didn't fit or look ridiculous. In my head, there was no way I was letting them go after months of trying to find them, so I quickly snapped them up, using the Boy's student ID to give it an extra discount ;)

Can't wait to wear them with, well, everything! 
Goodnight my lovelies, 
sweet dreams 

Iz xx


  1. Your pictures make me miss London! (And the shops! The only shops you'd recognise here are Mango and Aldo. Downsides of being on an island..)

  2. @awayonanisland
    Come back to London! When are you coming back next? I miss YOU Nuggs :(


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