Friday, 12 August 2011

Barcelona Holiday diaries - part 1

The first day of the trip consisted of waking up at 6am to make the most of our beach house in Palamos. After a 4 hour trip, we finally reached paradise, the house was just a few seconds walk from the lighthouse pictured, which we spent time planning our stay, with simple questions like "beach or lunch?" If only every day was this easy! 
We stayed on the beach most of the day, only stopping to sample many sangria's ;)
Sunset was gorgeous and picturesque, taking a few shadowy snaps whist the others played volleyball. 
More pictures to come! 
P.s. Thank you to one of my best friends Pie for convincing me to start this blog finally by telling me I couldn't. She knew exactly which buttons to press! That's what best friends are for =D
P.p.s The look in my third picture is called the 'Ididn'tputsunscreenonthismorningsomustcoverupbeforeIgetcancer-look'


  1. Personally I'm digging the third picture. Covered up chic?

  2. The pictures are beautiful and you look glamorous.. :)


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